Curriculum Resources

Scholastic Book Club Orders!

Class Activation Code: KQPB6

You will need to create an account with Scholastic to order online, but it is quick and easy!

Olathe School District Home Page –

Math Sites

The Envision Website –

EnVision Usernames are the students’ first letter, last name, and 14 (LSnethen14)

Passwords are all GS2013

The One Stop Shop for Everyday Maths Homework Questions!!,,

Math Facts Games – Diaper Derby, Flashcards, Stay Sharp Arcade, World Cup Football, Arcademics, Space Racer

Place Value – Place Value Puzzler, Place Value Pirates

Input/Output Tables – Function Machine

Number Notation – Place Value Play-off

Variety – Mr. Nussbaum’s Games (the creator of Place Value Pirates!)

A Plus Click

Factors – The Factor Game, Greatest Common Factor (GCF) – Scroll down

Probability – Probability Pond

Measurement – Area and Perimeter Practice, Another Area and Perimeter Practice site

Multiples – Least Common Multiples (this is a different way than how we’ve learned it in class, but it works just as well!)

Study Jams Math Videos from Scholastic – Click for a variety of topics!

Transformation Golf gives you practice Reflecting, Rotating, and Translating!

Data Analysis – Analyze Mean, Median, Mode, and Range!

Long Division/Partial Quotients Division – Don’t remember Partial Quotients? Watch this video!

Decimals: Place Value Pirates

Reading/Language Arts Sites:

Click here for a site with many games/activities to review reading strategies and skills.

Analogies – This site has games at different levels to practice analogies.

StorylineOnline and ReadToMe – See books read by famous actors

We Give Books – This site has over 200 full color digital picture books that you can read for free! For each book you read, We Give Books will donate a brand-new book to charity!

Robert Munsch Official Website – Listen to this author read many of his stories. He uses all the voices!

Six Trait Writing

Spelling City Practice your spelling words at home and test yourself!

Teacher note regarding spelling: We will use a differentiated spelling system. The teacher will devise lists in advance, and students will take a pre-test on Fridays over those words. From there they will replace some words that they spelled correctly with those that they missed the previous week. The post-test will be in class on Thursday. Since students each have a personalized list, they MUST have a copy in class on test day. Two copies will be provided – one for school and one for home. Though we will be working on spelling some during the school day, please help your student by practicing with them on a regular basis at home!

Science and Social Studies

Trees and Biomes:

Webquest site:

Eco Kids:

Arbor Day site:

Consumers, Producers, Decomposers:

Food Chains:


States and Capitals: This site has lots of different ways to practice!

Human Body:

Human Body:


Just for Fun
Kids need a chance to just have fun with their family! Try out some of these ideas on the weekends or after homework time.


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