All information found here is provided at the beginning of the school year in a flipbook format for easy reference.  Please contact me with question, comments, concerns, or especially with compliments! : )


  • Header: Homework should be completed neatly and accurately.  Students’ name and class number should be written in the top right hand corner.  The amount of time it took to complete homework (minus any breaks taken) should be recorded in the top left hand corner of the page, along with the students’ code: a smiley face for an assignment that was pretty simple to complete, a frown face for an assignment that was extremely difficult to complete, and a straight mouthed face for those that were in between.
  • How much: about 40 min./night. If less than 40 min. is assigned, the rest of the time should be spent reading, studying spelling or vocabulary words, practicing math facts, or working on long-term assignments.
  • Common Nightly Homework: math (due the night after it’s assigned unless otherwise stated) and reading will be the most common homework assigned.  To understand the importance of regular reading, please click here.  One night a week, students will have a writing assignment. On occasion, students may have unfinished class work or work that goes with a unit of study for homework.
  • Oops! Passes: All students make mistakes.  Students will receive 3 Oops! Passes a quarter which allows them extra time to complete 3 assignments without penalty.  When they’ve been used, students will be required to complete missing work during a play time.
  • Great Poetry Race: This weekly assignment is distributed Friday and due Thursday, and Oops! Passes will be accepted if late.  This assignment works on fluency, so must be read aloud to be accepted for full credit.
  • Long Term Projects: These are announced in class and on the monthly calendar, and will include various demonstrations of knowledge based on different units of study. Once per term students will also be required to create a book project to share their reading with the class.  Because they are assigned so much in advance, Oops! Passes will not be accepted for long-term assignments.  Please contact me with questions or concerns, should they arise.

grading policies

  • Philosophy: Students grades are earned, not given.  I work hard to ensure that students’ grades accurately reflect what they know and can do, not their effort or interest in a subject.  However, effort plays a big role in earning good scores!
  • Daily Homework: Some daily homework is taken for a grade, but typically homework is used as continued practice of classroom work/skills and as a tool to gauge students’ understanding.  However, all homework is expected to be completed to the best of the students’ ability and parent checking of homework is encouraged.  Thank you for helping your child succeed!  If any changes are made to the homework as a result of parent(s) checking homework, a note to the teacher is appreciated, as educational decisions are based on students’ homework.
  • Oops! Passes:  In elementary school, students need to develop responsibility.  However, mistakes happen.  Students will be given 3 Oops! Passes each quarter, which entitles them to 3 “mess-ups” with their homework.  Once a student’s Oops! Passes are all gone for the trimester, they will have to complete the assignment at recess or lunch until the assignment is made up.  If there is an emergency, please contact the teacher, who will try to be flexible.
  • Grade Reports: Student progress reports will be distributed regularly. Please review those reports  and contact me with any concerns or discrepancies ASAP.
  • Corrections: Students are welcome to correct & return any test or quiz for 1/2 credit. (one time only per test/quiz) If students accurately complete less than 50% of any assignment, test, or quiz, they will be required to redo the assignment and obtain a parent signature.


Our Classroom Behavior System is tied to our Classroom Economy.

  • Students will apply and be paid for class jobs
  • Students will manage their “money” in the form of tickets
  • Tickets can be spent at a monthly store on classroom privileges and rewards
  • Fines are assessed for inappropriate behavior
  • For more info about possible Class Jobs, click here.  For info about how to earn or lose tickets, click here.
  • Significant behavior issues will be documented when students fill out an Incident Report Form, the teacher will follow up on the incident and parents/principal will be contacted if necessary.


  • Agendas: Students are provided agendas to use for writing down assignments on a daily basis.  It is the students’ responsibility to write down homework and reminders and to have the agenda signed by an adult each evening.  Agendas should not be signed in advance or on days the student did not write anything.  Students will receive tickets to spend in our Ticket Store when they come to class with their agenda signed each day!
  • Calendars: Please take time to view the newsletter/calendar each month!  I work very hard to plan things in advance for you and to let you know about as much information as possible, including quizzes, tests, Units of Study, and projects.  I will try my hardest to stick to the schedule set out at the beginning of the month, though I always reserve the right to push due dates or quiz/test dates back when I feel it’s necessary.
  • Daily Contact: It is easiest to reach me by email during the day or by putting a note in your child’s agenda, though you can also call the school and they will get a message to me.
  • Returned Work: Please look for graded work to come home in students’ backpacks.  Work students have marked will be in red ink.  Typically students mark work that is for practice, such as daily math homework, or pretests.  Work I have graded is in colorful ink (though not red).