Daily Schedule:

Morning – Science/Social Studies, Specials, Reading

Afternoon – Math, Writing, Special Chorus

Lunch is at noon each day


A Day: Computer, PE

B Day: Spanish, Music

C Day: Music, Library,  Special Chorus (if signed up)

D Day: Spanish, PE

E Day: Art, Special Chorus  (if signed up)  every other week

**Spelling tests are on Thursday, pretests on Friday



6 Responses to Schedule

  1. pasua says:

    Hi Mrs. Snethen Grade 4S says HI

  2. Alice says:

    Hi Mrs Snethen,
    It’s Alice and Katrina from your first fourth grade class when you taught at Cedar!

  3. Alice says:

    We are now in 7th grade, all is well, How are you? where are you now?

    • We are back in Kansas now, and I am a Math Teacher! I spend all day with small groups of students in grades 2-5 for whom maths is a real struggle. It’s super fun! How is school going for you? Are you enjoying the MYP?

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